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S&H Inventory Services was established in 1991 by two Regional Managers of one of the largest national inventory services in America.

With a decade of experience in the professional inventory services field, the two managers knew that there was a better way to service customers.
Combining their previous work experience in warehousing, retailing, & government inventories, they started S&H Inventory Services. Their focus was on “partnering with customers to provide inventory solutions”.

S&H Inventory services provides services to hundreds of independent retailers in New Jersey, the greater Philadelphia and New York City areas, extending into parts of Delaware, Maryland, and Connecticut.

By joining forces with the Inventory services Network (ISN) group of independent inventory companies located throughout the United States, S&H can provide nationwide coverage to customers using the same reporting and processing software.

Contact us today we will plan your inventory with your specific needs in mind.

A professional & experienced team of auditors has the proper equipment to calculate an accurate inventory with immediate results.

You and your staff are freed up to take care of customers and not lose sales during the inventory process.

A professional inventory service is more cost effective than using in-house employees.

An outside service will produce unbiased results.

Accountants need a Fiscal Year End Inventory for reporting profits to the government.

A physical inventory is necessary in determining the proper value for insurance purposes.

Retail to cost conversion inventories are needed to determine the value when purchasing or selling a business

A book value inventory is needed to determine a shrink problem.

A detailed SKU inventory is needed to set up or adjust your database.

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