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Inventory Auditor:
This is the entry level position within the company. Learn the business, our company policies, and our philosophy from the ground up.

Responsible for operation and care of handheld inventory data collector.
Responsible to calculate accurate on site financial inventory data.
Responsible for collecting detailed data for higher level inventory processes.
Follow basic procedures while doing on-site audits.
Ability to adapt to varying procedures for performing on site warehouse inventories.
Advanced inventory auditors may be trained to audit RX labs.
Learn and perform fixed asset inventories.
Ability to provide our customers a “seemingly non-disruptive inventory process” along side of fellow team members.

Our managers are responsible for developing our auditors.

Interview & train inventory auditors.
Develop dependable, accurate inventory auditors.
Teach and enforce company procedures.
Reinforce the company philosophy of working with the customers.
Develop inventory supervisors.
Reprimand and/or dismiss auditors not living up to company standards.
Mediate employee grievances.
Maintain good relationships with all customers.
Build customer base.
Inventory Supervisor: 
The next step is becoming an inventory supervisor.

Responsible for inventory equipment
Supervise inventory auditors during inventory
Responsible for quality checks on each auditor
Deal directly with store owner/manager in every aspect of the inventory process
Run reports and exports.


All positions within our company start from the ground up.

Get started and download an application today.

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