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The owners of the company are closely involved in each aspect of the inventory process.
All Managers have over 30 years of professional inventory experience in heading off potential problems.
The software used to take the inventory and process the reports is set up with controls to eliminate errors and filters to spot irregularities in your inventory.
S&H Inventory Services works hard to keep overhead low while maintaining an experienced auditing staff to provide an excellent service at affordable rates.
All inventories are tailored to meet the customer’s needs and their pocketbooks.


S&H Inventory Services has been the only preferred inventory service company of IPA members since its conception. 
We have been servicing independent pharmacies in the NJ/NY region for over 19 years.

Our RX Lab auditors are familiar with most drugs (both brand and generic), alpha/numeric coding systems, and lookup software packages.

Our RX scanners can look up prices in your validation file instead of relying on products being stickered.


S&H Inventory Services has been providing those same pharmacy services in the southern regions as well for the
past five years

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