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S&H Inventory services offers state of art inventory solutions with the W.I.N. (Wireless Inventory Network) RF system.  Inventory supervisors can monitor data entries as auditors are counting for validity and to head off potential .

S&H Inventory Services also maintains a flashcard uploading inventory system for locations where RF is unacceptable.  Both systems are held in high esteem among inventory professional.


S&H Inventory Services specializes in performing retail inventories.  The software used can capture the details of where a product sits on the shelf, along with a department, product number, retail value or cost value or a base cost factor per department.

Reports can be a simple as a total inventory by category or department, or as detailed a a complete printout by item number.  We offer many basic reports, but can customize our reporting based on your needs.

Reports can be furnished
upon conclusion of the inventory on-site.


The same state of the art equipment used in retail environments can be used in handling warehouse inventories.

Warehouse services range from inventorying product on hand, utilizing the RF (radio frequency) inventory software, to simply supplying additional manpower to the warehouse staff in order to update their “in-house inventory system”.

In most situations, an inventory file can be supplied at the conclusion of the inventory for updating of the customer’s database.


Asset inventories are offered for companies and organizations in order to keep track of their assets. Furniture and equipment are tagged with customized asset barcoded tags and reported back to the customer in a file to be maintained or used in future inventories.

In case of fire, theft, or a natural disaster, S&H Inventory Services holds a copy on file at their office and a backup offsite location.


S&H Inventory services also provides marketing services.  Our employees can go into your stores as shoppers and observe employee behavior and customer relations while you or your manager is away from the store.  This is generally reported back to in a customized format. Each mystery shoppe is geared toward the concerns of the client.
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